Mom Accidentally Texted 35-Year-Old Guy From Wisconsin Instead Of Her Daughter, And Things Escalated Quickly

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Parenting takes its toll on even the best of us. These days, kids devise the most creative pranks and parents have to do a double take to make sure something isn’t part of the many elaborate jokes teens like to play on unsuspecting adults. That must have been what this mom thought when she sent a text to the wrong number thinking it was her daughter. She erroneously sent the text to a man from Wisconsin known as velakskin, who replied to inform her that she got the wrong number. Read on to find out how she reacted!
(h/t: boredpanda)

It all started with an errand this mom wanted her daughter, Jess, to run. She unfortunately sent the text to a stranger, who informed her so. But she didn’t believe him.

So he went with the flow for a bit

And then tried to tell her again that he wasn’t, in fact, her daughter

And even sent her a picture of him and his wife

But she’s having none of it!

And the conversation went to a very touchy subject

The worried mom left work to check on her daughter and finally figured it out!

Which also got velakskin in trouble

Her reaction was hilarious!

Moral of the story: if the person you’re texting says you got the wrong number, they’re probably right!