This Is Zeus, The Adorable Blind Rescue Owl With Twinkling Eyes Like The Starry Night Sky

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The blind Western Screech Owl Zeus is not an owl like the others. He was found on a porch in Southern California, injured and scared after an accident due to his blindness.

After being nursed back to health by veterinarians, he couldn’t be released because of his loss of vision, that would give him a very hard time trying to survive into the wild.

Zeus has found a permanent home at the Wildlife Learning Center of Sylmar, in California, and right now he lives on top of a filing cabinet in the office of Paul Hahn, the founder of the Center.

Obviously the most amazing thing that you immediately notice are Zeus’ incredible starry eyes, that are a result of fibrin and blood pigment clots.
The Wildlife Learning Center’s website states that when people see Zeus open his eyes, they usually respond with great surprise, sometimes they are even taken to tears when meeting this most special little owl.

Zeus’ condition luckily doesn’t cause him pain, and he is now treated with the best care by Paul and the Wildlife Center’s staff.

More info on the Wildlife Learning Center’s website.