Meet The Bearded Reedling, The Adorable Round Bird That Looks Straight Out Of Angry Birds

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Birds really don’t get the love they deserve.

When people think of cute animals, they rarely seem to think of birds, but this is a mistake.

Birds are incredibly fascinating creatures who come in all shapes and sizes, and some birds are just ridiculously cute!

Don’t believe us? Just check out these round, grumpy-looking and totally adorable little birdies:

Kev Chapman

These beautiful, ball-shaped birds are called Bearded Reedlings.

They’re only about 16 cm in size and they have a very cute and unique look: not only do they have a very spherical appearance, but they’re also rocking quite a dramatic eye-look.

Their tiny bodies are decorated with black markings that stretch out beneath their eyes as if they’re constantly wearing a full face of metalhead makeup.

Martin Mecnarowski

As a result, these little birds constantly look a little bit angry, and because of their small size and poofy bodies, the effect is both hilarious and adorable.

The Bearded Reedling’s markings are actually called “moustaches”, but let’s be honest: that’s eyeliner!

Only the male reedlings have these markers, which makes it quite easy to tell the males and females apart.

Peter von Bagh

Apart from looking like cute, angry, little flying balls, the Bearded Reedlings have another adorable trait: they are pros at stretching.

Kaeptn Chemnitz

Bearded Reedlings quite enjoy chilling out with their legs fully stretched out into a split.

They like to grab on to two branches, one for each foot, and just hang out.

We wish we looked that relaxed while attempting the splits!

Nick Goodrum

The Bearded Reedlings are found in Europe and Asia and usually live in reed beds.

They tend to live in flocks and they survive on a diet of bugs, spiders, snails and reeds.

Nick Goodrum

These fluffy little birds prove just how cute and cuddly-looking birds can be.

And that when you are small and fluffy, looking grumpy isn’t very intimidating – it only makes you cuter.