Meet Tango, The Weirdest Horse Ever That’s Going Viral On Twitter

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There’s nothing people wouldn’t do for their beloved animals, and Twitter user @mckellogs and his family are no exception.
They are trying everything they can to protect their beloved horse Tango from the next ‘snowmageddon’, by building a gate to attach to their barn and trapping him there because “otherwise he will lay down in the feet of snow and become a horse-cicle because he’s too stupid to understand a barn”.
Their belief originates from last year’s experience, when during a snowstorm Tango, that they often call HORF in their tweets, decided to stay in the middle of the pasture, despite having a warm barn with hay and food at his disposal.
The Twitter thread posted by his owner while preparing for the snowmageddon, showing Tango’s hilarious behaviors, is definitely something worth reading to make your day a little bit funnier.
(h/t: mashable)

Scroll down below to read some of Tango’s hilarious shenanigans