Meet Izzy, The Cat With The Funniest Facial Expressions That’s Going Viral On Instagram

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Cats are always adorable, even when they look like they’re planning to conquer the world, but the web’s favorite cats are those with extremely expressive faces, just like Izzy.
Photos of Izzy the Meowl, as what her fans call her, have gone viral because of how her amusing expressions. Izzy and her sister, Zoë, are British and European Shorthair mixes. The two were born in a litter of five, but only Izzy and Zoë have black and white fur. According to their owner, the two are inseparable from birth.
They do look similar, but have remarkably different personalities. Izzy, the one with a white nose, is more daring and adventurous. While Zoë, the one with a black nose and a heart mark on her chest, is a little more bashful, but very curious as well. Both cats are affectionate towards their humans, and that’s something that makes their fans hearts melt.
At first, most of the attention online went to Zoë and her rare heart-shaped marking on her chest, but the fans couldn’t leave out Izzy and her amusing face, so let’s celebrate her with some of her best pictures. Don’t forget to take a look at their website, or visit their Instagram to keep up with their daily adventures.