Meet Cinnamon, The Puppy With Adorable ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Ears

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One day, Jen Deane heard that a litter of puppies needed rescuing. The five-week-old puppies were abandoned by their parents and found in a public shelter. Immediately, the puppies were taken to the vet.

All the puppies are tan-colored and have big, pointy ears. However, one of them stands out because of the way her ears curl inwards, making her ears look like two cinnamon rolls.

Of course, Deane named her ‘Cinnamon.’ According to Deane, the Pit Sisters’ president, she has never seen anything like Cinnamon’s ears, and this unique feature makes her just adorable.

When Cinnamon’s photo was shared on social media, everyone instantly fell in love with her. Some people even think Cinnamon’s ears look like “victory rolls,” a popular 1940s hairstyle.

Cinnamon’s photo was shared and liked by thousands of people. Her publicity was extremely beneficial for the rescued puppies because now they need adoption.

Cinnamon has now been adopted and lives with a loving family that has three other dogs.

One day, Jen Deane heard about a litter of puppies that were abandoned in a public shelter, and the puppies needed to be rescued

The puppies were all precious and have tan-colored fur and big, pointy ears, but one of them has unique ears that curl inwards and look like cinnamon rolls

They named her ‘Cinnamon’, of course

Cinnamon’s photo was shared online, and went instantly viral

Because of the viral photo, more people became interested in adopting Cinnamon and the other puppies.

They’ve all been adopted, and now Cinnamon lives with a caring family that has three other dogs.