McDonald’s Now Has A Nutella Burger, And Life Will Never Be The Same Again

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Nutella, this nutty chocolate-y heaven of a spread needs no introduction. Let’s be real, all other spreads just sit down and let Nutella take the stage. It’s that good! Bakers, chefs, and Nutella-lovers all around the world have found genius ways to make recipes using Nutella, from pasta sauce to brownies and the like. Nutella dip? Sure. Nutella drink? Keep it coming! Nutella burger? … wait, what? Yes, you read that right! McDonald’s Italy, the home country of Ferrero, the company that invented Nutella, now has a Nutella burger and it’s making everyone else jealous. This is definitely one sinful treat that’s totally worth the calories. Take a peek at the pictures and try not to drool, while you hope that this sweetie becomes available all over the world.

1. Everyone stay calm, but that looks like a LOT of Nutella. We’re in love!


2. McDonalds’ new dessert burger is currently only available in Italy.


3. But with enough convincing, McDonald’s just might make it available all around the world


4. Well, this is everybody’s hope!


5. Drool…

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