Man Walks Outside And Discovers That An Entire Family Of Bears Have Snuck Into His Car

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You’d think you’d be safe from thieving youth gangs when you’re in the middle of the woods – but you’d be wrong.

Clearly, you haven’t heard about the cutest little car-thieves ever and their ring-leading mother.

Chad Morris and his family were on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and were happily enjoying the cabin lifestyle out in the lush nature when a group of dastardly car thieves climbed into their car.

Morris was hanging out inside the family’s rented cabin when he was urgently called outside by his parents.

When he stepped outside he saw that a whole family of bears were in the middle of breaking into his car.

Chad Morris

Morris had not, safe to say, expected to find himself faced with an adorable, furry family of car-jacking bears.

He watched in awe as cub after cub crawled into his car until all three little teddies were inside.

Chad Morris

The cubs were clearly having a hoot, rolling around and exploring the interior of the car.

They investigated the back seats, stuck their heads through the open window, and one made itself comfortable in the driver’s seat.

Chad Morris

Morris and his family could barely believe the scene that was playing out in front of them.

It had a distinctly surreal feel to it, but they were at least able to shake off the shock and immortalize the event by taking a few hilarious photos.

Chad Morris

The mother bear was close by, fondly watching over her playful cubs – no doubt indoctrinating them into a life of crime and fast cars.

After they’d had their fun, the cubs climbed out and decided to try to break into the other car in the driveway.

Unfortunately, their car-jacking skills were not yet overly well-developed, and since this car had all its windows rolled up, they found themselves unable to break in. Darn it!

Chad Morris

The adorable family then decided to try their luck elsewhere, and happily wandered off into the woods.

At this point, Morris and his family could finally head over to his car and assess the damage to the interior.

However, the car had held up surprisingly well, with just some minor bite marks and scratches.

Morris got lucky, but he may not be so lucky next time; then, the little delinquents may have finally learned how to hot-wire and drive a car.  Better roll up those windows, Morris!

This tale is having us all in stitches.