Man Spends 4 Years Building A Church Using Only Living Trees, And You Really Need To Take A Look Inside

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From a humble altar-boy dreaming to one day become a pope, New Zealand native Barry Cox found his true calling in gardening. He built a gardening company that incorporated his apparent talent as an artist and a designer with his love for plant and life. His works are each unique masterpieces that breathe life. As a devout Catholic, his strong faith and creativity bleeds through his work. He has a special love for great churches across the globe, which led him to create a living cathedral made entirely of trees. Its magical and reverent vibe make it perfect for weddings and other special events.
(h/t: shareably)

This marvelous work is done by Treelocations, Barry Cox’s company.

They created a living cathedral made of trees in a three-acre lawn

It took 4 years to create this beautiful church

Natural materials are used, forgoing the traditional roof in favor of a leafy subsitute

They used hydraulic spade to uproot full-grown trees and re-plant them

The shape is constructed out of iron frames

This gave the structure a traditional shape

Walls were lined with dark-colored Leptospernum trees

While the roof consists of Laciniata trees

The church boasts an Italian marble altar

Natural light shines through and lights up the interiors of the church

He also created a “labyrinth maze” in the property to add to is visual appeal