This Man Saved 669 Children During The Holocaust, And He Has No Idea They’re All Around Him

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It was in 1939 when a young stockbroker in London dropped everything to rescue fleeing Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied parts of Europe. Sir Nicholas Winton arranged passage for more than 600 Jewish children across four countries and brought them to England, and he worked to find British families to take the children in. It took eight trains, a careful planning and absolute secrecy. He kept it so secret that even his wife knew nothing of it until 50 years later when she saw a scrapbook in their attic! The scrapbook contained photos and names of the children that were rescued all those years ago. His wife, Greta, took the story to Holocaust researcher Elisabeth Maxwell and letters to the then-children were sent. Over 200 responses were received out of the 669 children on the list.

The rest of the world got to know this incredible story in an episode of BBC’s That’s Life where Sir Nicholas was invited as a member of the audience. His scrapbook was shown and explained, and the host asked whether any in the audience owed their life to Sir Nicholas. Over 20 among the audience surrounding him stood up and applauded.

Watch this video of a great man who has proven that one person can truly impact hundreds of lives, and many generations thereafter.