Man Leaves His Job And Sells Everything To Travel With The Cat Who Rescued Him During Hard Times

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Richard and Willow is the inseparable human-cat duo who took a van as their home and traveled the whole of Australia in it. They met each other through Richard’s ex-girlfriend, who couldn’t take care of Willow anymore. That’s when Richard became Willow’s loving cat dad. Since then, Willow has always been with him and stood by him though hard times in his life. When Richard left his corporate job in 2014, he sold all his belongings and took on his dream of travelling along with the company of his ever loyal friend, Willow. The two started their trip all over Australia in December 2014 and they made it into every state and territory in Australia, completing their round trip last year. Witness the awesome travel goals of Richard and Willow below, and follow them on Instagram to see more.

This is Willow the adventure cat.

He first met his cat dad, Richard, when he was 2-years old.

Her original owner was Richard’s ex-girlfriend who later entrusted her under Richard’s care.

Apparently, that was a magical moment for both of them…

Because they became an inseparable tandem.

Willow gave his loyalty to Richard, and stood by him through the hardest  of times.

In  2014, Richard quit his corporate job to travel around Australia.

He sold all his belongings, and brought Willow with him to embark on this new journey.

Willow is the best companion Richard could ever have.

“Willow is very sweet and loving. She loves cuddles and is very affectionate,” Richard told Love Meow.

The two have made it all the way across the top of Australia in 2015.

And finally made it to South Australia just last year.

That means Willow has now visited every state and territory in Australia, which Richard like to call a Purrfect Eight.

This is indeed some real BFF travel goal achieved by Richard and Willow. We hope to see this tandem travel the whole world in the future!