Man In Quarantine Sends His Dog Outside To Get Some Cheetos, And The Good Girl Doesn’t Disappoint

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We’re all doing our best to flatten the COVID-19 curve by practicing social distancing. But while many of us are still able to leave our homes for things like getting groceries or going to work, anyone who’s experiencing COVID-19 symptoms can’t even do that.

Being stuck at home can feel frustrating and alienating, but it can also be a catalyst for creative thinking and problem-solving.

When Antonio Munoz started developing signs of illness, he did what any responsible person should do; he went into self-isolation.

But after three long days stuck in quarantine, Munoz started craving the cheesy deliciousness only a bag of Cheetos can offer.

Leaving his home was completely out of the question, but Munoz realized that there was someone else who could make the trip to the shop for him…

Antonio Munoz

Munoz turned to his trusty little pup for help. The store was just across the street from Munoz home – close enough for the little chihuahua to easily make the trip.

The lovable little pup was more than happy to help her daddy and was proud to be trusted with such an important task.

Antonio Munoz

Munoz wrote a note explaining the pup’s mission and strapped it to her collar.

In the note, Munoz addressed the shopkeeper and requested that the pup be handed a bag of orange Cheetos. To pay for the Cheetos, Munoz stuck a 20 dollar bill under the pup’s collar and then sent his brave little courier to the shop.

Antonio Munoz

The loyal and capable pup took her mission very seriously and quickly tottered over to the shop.

After a little while, the tiny pup reemerged from the shop with the coveted snack safely secured between her teeth.

Antonio Munoz

The pup then made it back across the street and home to Munoz.

Clearly, this little pup is not only sweet and lovable but she’s also a very smart little girl.

Antonio Munoz

Munoz was undoubtedly delighted to receive his cherished Cheetos and we’re sure he’s extremely proud of his loyal little pup.

With the help of this very good girl, we’re confident Munzo will have no trouble riding out the rest of his self-isolation. After all, a sweet pup and a handful of delicious snacks is a surefire way to make any situation better.