Man Custom-Built A Kayak So He Could Take His Dogs Out On Adventures

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The best things in life are even sweeter when you get to share them with someone you love.

When 67-year-old David Bahnson noticed that his pup Susie could fit perfectly in the baggage compartment of his kayak, he realized that by making a few adjustments, he’d be able to share his love of kayaking with his sweet pup.

Bahnson added a bit of coaming around the baggage compartment to ensure that Susie would stay dry and comfortable, and just like that, the adventures could begin.

Linda Bahnson

Bahnson loved bringing Susie out on the water, and Susie was thrilled to be included in her family’s adventures.

And when Banhson and his wife added another pup to the family, Bahnson quickly added a second hole to the kayak so that little Ginger could come, too.

Linda Bahnson

Susie and Ginger always felt safe and happy while Bahnson brought them out on adventures in the little vessel, and they would wait patiently for permission to leave the kayak whenever they returned to shore.

Linda Bahnson

Although both Ginger and Susie were strong swimmers, they never jumped overboard while out in the kayak.

They were more than happy to just glide around with their daddy and enjoy spending time together out on the water.

Linda Bahnson

Ginger and Susie spent many happy hours out on the water together with Bahnson and his wife, and they were also treated to other family adventures, such as joining Bahnson in his helicopter or going on road trips.

The pups’ lives were filled with love and adventure, and even though both Ginger and Suse have since passed on, they live on in memory.

Linda Bahnson

Bahnson and his wife are continuing the tradition that started with Susie and Ginger and are treating their new pets to fun and exciting kayak trips.

Their furbabies love the fresh air and excitement and all the attention they’re getting from other kayakers they meet on the lake.

But most of all, they love spending time together as a family while sharing such special and precious moments.

Many people are impressed by Bahnson and his wonderful doggy kayak.