Man Creates Tiny Hats For The Toad Who Shows Up On His Porch Every Day

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Watch out, Mad Hatter, someone has a curiouser set of hats, and client, to challenge yours! Chris Newsome started his itty bitty line of hats for a friendly toad living under his porch. He noticed a toad paying him regular visits under his porch at night and figured that, naturally, he could have used some help in the fashion accessories department. Newsome decided to create a fabulous top hat with a feather and monocle as details. He also made a baseball cap and cowboy hat. Now that’s one glamorous toad right there!

Chris Newsome met this neighbor one summer night. He looked like he needed help in accessorizing, and Chris helped him out!

He fashioned a bright pink top hat from bits of foam paper

and added feather and monocle detail for good measure!

The toad loved it!

Chris made more designs and created his own hat line for his new friend, including this baseball cap

and this cowboy hat!

This is one glamorous toad!

…so much so that Chris’ dog felt a bit jealous.