Mailman Who Uses To Give Treats To Every Dog On His Route Fulfills The Last Wish Of A Dog Who Just Passed Away

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Fernando Barboza, a mailman from Texas, uses to bring a bag full of treats for for all the dogs he meets during his daily route. He’s a self-confessed dog lover, and handing out treats whenever he’s delivering a package at a house with a pet dog definitely makes his day better. He believes that when he is delivering a package to the owners, the dogs should get something too, since they’re also family members.
One of the dogs he met every day was a German Shepherd named Gretchen. The Cimino family adopted her in 2013, she was a rescue dog and had some trust issues at first, but she eventually learned to love her new family. When Barboza first met Gretchen, she was a little standoffish, but after daily efforts to gain her trust, Barboza became Gretchen’s first friend outside the Cimino family.
One day, while Barboza was delivering to the Cimino family, he noticed they had outgoing mail. When he checked the mailbox, he found a bag of doggie treats and a letter saying that Gretchen passed away, and her wish was to pass along her leftover treats to all the other dogs along Barboza’s route. It was definitely a heartbreaking moment and when Barboza’s daughter shared the story on her Twitter, it immediately went viral, causing adorable reactions from dog lovers around the world.

Meet Fernando Barboza, a self-confessed Texas mailman dog lover who uses to deliver treats to all the dogs he meets along his way.

Gretchen the German Shepherd was one of them.

When she passed away, her family left in their mailbox this letter, saying that Gretchen’s last wish was to donate her leftover treats to the other dogs along Barboza’s daily route.

Fernando Barboza’s daughter shared the note her dad got from the Cimino family on Twitter, and it instantly went viral.

Even Gretchen’s dad saw the tweet, and replied.

Gretchen’s story hit everyone hard in the feels.

And so many people replied to Barboza’s daughter, posting photos of their dogs

Or just expressing their feeling about the whole story

Some messages were the purest thing