Lush Is Selling A Koala-Shaped Soap And Donating Its Profits To Support Animals Affected By Australian Fires

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It’s estimated that a billion animals have perished in the devastating Australian bushfires, and the severe destruction of natural habitats means that many of the remaining animals will lose their lives even if they manage to survive the fires.

Koalas are endemic to Australia and are one of the species who have been severely affected by the fires; in December, up to 30% of the koala population was estimated to have perished.

Many people, organizations and companies have raised money to support Australian wildlife relief and help save as many animals as possible.

One of the companies who have decided to their part is the popular beauty brand Lush who are known for their cruelty-free products.


Lush have released a limited-edition koala-shaped soap named “All the Wild Things” and 100% of the profits from the soap goes toward Australian wildlife relief.

On their website, Lush explains that the money is going to “grassroots organizations working in animal rescue or land restoration through the newly-established Bush Animal Fund.”


The soap itself is the same scent as their existing soap “Outback Mate.”  It’s infused with eucalyptus, peppermint oil and coconut oil and is said to be both hydrating and invigorating.

Whether you’re already a fan of Outback Mate or just curious to try it, this is the perfect time to stock up.

Not only will you get a super cute koala soap but you’ll be making an important contribution to actual koalas and other animals in need.