Kitten Was Called “Too Ugly To Be Loved”, But Proved Everyone Wrong And Found A Loving Home

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It’s so easy to get rejected just because of the way you look, and this little kitty named Romeo could attest to that. Romeo was thought to be “too ugly to be loved” because of his peculiar look. For that same reason, all of his siblings already found a home but he was left alone and cold in the streets of a small village in Spain. Luckily, Laura Llacer of the Santuario Compasion Animal spotted him and took him out of that dreadful place to give him a loving home. Romeo found true love in his new family and he’s out and about spreading his love around the sanctuary, to prove that everyone was wrong about him being too ugly to find a loving family. See how loved and grateful Romeo truly is by scrolling through the photos below.
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This is Romeo. He was born with peculiar looks but that says nothing about who he really is.

Romeo has changed a lot since he was adopted.

It’s because he now knows what true love is and that’s the kind of love he was shown at the sanctuary.

In return, Romeo has been showing everyone what a big heart he was blessed with.

One afternoon, when everyone was looking around for him, he was found in the medical room taking care of a sick chicken.

Little did they know that this ginger boy was also born with a kind heart.

“Romeo watched us one afternoon from the roof of a stable while we were working,” – “He is very clear that everything has to be perfect for rescued animals.”

All it took was for somebody to look way past Romeo’s physical appearance to discover the beauty he’s keeping inside.