Kitten Found In A Field Cuddles Her Rescuers And Won’t Let Go

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When Chimera was just a tiny little kitten, she found herself in a scary and dangerous situation; she and her littermates were left all alone in a field without anyone to care for them.

Luckily, a compassionate family came to their rescue and managed to get them into the loving arms of an animal rescuer and her son.

This would prove to be the start of an amazing friendship that would change Chimera’s life forever.


A woman named Malia and her husband were at a ball field in New York to watch their son play baseball.

Malia wasn’t expecting to be saving a life that day, let alone several, but when she noticed a group of people reacting to something on the field and realized that they had spotted a litter of tiny kittens, she rushed over to help.


The kittens were very small and vulnerable, and there was no sight of a mama cat anywhere.

Malia and her husband quickly decided to rescue the group of scared and malnourished kittens and contacted a local cat rescuer named Sunny.


Sunny agreed to foster the kittens, and Malia and her family got in their car and drove the entire litter of kittens to Sunny’s home.

There, the emaciated and flea-ridden kittens were given all the love and care they so desperately needed.


The kittens were treated to a nice bath and were bottle-fed by Sunny and her son, CJ.

The kittens were so weak at first but improved very quickly


Although they were so young that they needed round-the-clock care, it quickly became obvious that they were thriving under Sunny’s and CJ’s wonderful care.

After just a day, there was a noticeable change in their demeanour and energy levels, and CJ began realizing that one of the kittens had something special.


A little tortie kitten was speaking to him on a deeper level and he felt a strong connection to the little cat.

And the little kitten, Chimera, appeared to feel the same way; she became very attached to CJ and constantly wanted to be held by him.


Chimera always became noticeably angry and displeased whenever she was taken from CJ, and made it equally clear how pleased and relaxed she felt whenever she got to snuggle up in his arms.


CJ was the one who gave the little cat the name Chimera, and he was also the one who ended up begging Sunny to adopt the kitten.

Originally, Sunny had only meant to foster the kittens until they were ready for adoption; she hadn’t meant to keep any of them.


But there was no way they could give up Chimera; not after she and CJ had developed such a deep affection for each other.

“He fell in love with her and begged me to keep her,” Sunny revealed in an interview with Love Meow.

And she knew he was right; Chimera belonged with them.


And so, one by one, Chimera’s siblings went on to find their forever families, but Chimera stayed right where she was: she’d already found her family.

Chimera has proven to be a very mischievous little cat and she loves playing pranks and getting into trouble, but whenever she’s with CJ she grows incredibly soft and affectionate.


By now, Chimera has grown into an adult cat, but her love for CJ is as deep as ever.

CJ is the most important person in her life, and it’s clear that she loves him with every fibre of her being.

And CJ, of course, loves his mischievous little furbaby and is so proud of the wonderful cat she’s become.

This heartwarming story has been tugging at everyone’s heartstrings.