This Japanese Woman Adopted A Stray Kitten. They Have Been Inseparable Ever Since.

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If we could assign a prize to the most adorable story of the year, this one would certainly be in between the nominees.
It’s the story of Misao, an elderly Japanese woman, who found a stray kitten and adopted her. From that moment her life changed, and Fukumaru (this is how she named the cat) filled her life with love.

The following pictures have been taken by Misao’s granddaughter, Ihara Miyoko, who said this about her grandmother: “When I see the way my grandmother is living her life, I really feel that she has a kind of strength that my generation simply can’t match. She gets up with the sun, and goes to bed when it sets. She loves her cat and the vegetables in her field like her own children. If her vegetables come out well, she’s happy. She doesn’t have to worry about questions like ’what is the point of my work?’ Her way of life fills me with admiration and a sort of envy.”
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These are Misao and Fukumaru as a kitten


From the moment Misao adopted her, they’ve been inseparable


Misao’s granddaughter, Ihara Miyoko, started documenting her grandmother’s life back in 2000, long before she adopted Fukumaru

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No words can describe the joy Fukumaru brought in Misao’s life

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Whatever Misao is doing, you can be sure Fukumaru is there by her side

woman-stray-cat-19 woman-stray-cat-11 woman-stray-cat-9

This is the 8th year Misao and Fukumaru spend together, and they live almost in symbiosis

woman-stray-cat-6 woman-stray-cat-4 woman-stray-cat-3 woman-stray-cat-14 woman-stray-cat-7

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