Japanese Artisans Launch Line Of Miniature Furniture For Cats

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In the past, cat accessories and beds proved to be difficult to place in a room because they didn’t fit well with the overall ambience and aesthetic. A litter box just ruins the pristine cleanliness of a bathroom while a bulky cat bed ruins the inviting atmosphere of a bedroom. However, Japan could change just that.

A Japanese group of artists makes downsized furniture for cats

In their craftsman MADE collection, a group of artisans called Okawa Kagu decided to take advantage of the growing population of cat lovers by taking modern-day furniture and downsize it to a cat’s scale.

Fukuoka is home to over 150 furniture factories

The cat furniture project aims to revive the once-booming handicraft and furniture history of Fukuoka, a small region in Japan that’s home to over 150 manufacturing factories that produce furniture.
The collection is made up of a cat bed designed and produced by Tateno Mozuaki and a cat sofa designed and produced by Hiromatsu Furniture. If you’re interested in having one of these, you can contact the respective manufacturers through their website.

Cat bed made by Tateno Mozuaki

Cat sofa made by Hiromatsu Furniture