Japanese Bakery Makes Adorable Corgi Butt Buns Stuffed With Jam Or Custard

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Many would agree that a big part of what makes Corgis so unbelievably cute are their little fluffy butts.

They’re just so round and bubbly and perfect and they wiggle so adorably!

This Japanese bakery in Sapporo seems to wholeheartedly agree with this opinion, because they have started baking buns shaped as corgi butts.

The Utiwapanya Bakery fills their corgi buns with custard or jam, making it a sweet treat in more than one way.

We’re absolutely in love with these adorable treats.


They’re almost too cute to eat.


Though the custard or jam filling does sound too delicious to pass up on.


They’ve really captured the essence of a cute corgi-butt


Just compare them to the real deal for a second:

Corgis are just so cute. Perfect inspirations for a sweet treat.


Apart from Corgi butts, the bakery also makes other cute buns.


Just look at this little hedgehog. Adorable.


The bakery staff really seem to love coming up with new, cute creations.


And we bet that passion for their work makes these sweet buns extra tasty.


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