A janitor worked on a secret project for 7 years, you will never believe what he was able to create

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Talent is talent, no matter if you are an engineer, an artist, a dustman or a janitor, if you’re good or special at something, better follow your heart and do what you do best. Maybe you will end up doing that as a job, or maybe you will never get the right acknowledgement, it doesn’t matter. If you have a skill and follow it you will surely do something valuable.

That’s exactly what happened to a Japanese university janitor, who 30 years ago spent 7 years of his life drawing the most incredible maze we’ve ever seen. His daughter recently posted his work on Twitter and this incredible creation is becoming the internet sensation of the moment.

The maze measures 86 x 58 cm (34 x 23.3 inches), it was originally completely hand drawn (there are only 50 copies of this artwork around the world) and you will see in the pictures below that the detail is completely mind-blowing.

The incredible thing is that after seeing all the virality around his creation, the artist still wants to remain anonymous. This is an unmistakable sign that he did what he did just for the sake of it and not to receive some kind of acknowledgment. His humility left us totally speechless.

The images originally appeared on his daughter’s Twitter profile: Kya7y.

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