Italian Town Becomes The First City In The World To Switch To Silent Fireworks To Prevent Anxiety In Pets

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Fireworks are dramatic, beautiful and associated with happiness and celebrations. There’s something about them that seems to speak to us on a deeper level and brings people together.

But unfortunately, as beautiful as they are, they are a total nightmare for many pets and pet parents.

Fireworks are known to scare animals to the point of panic, and firework-induced anxiety is a reality for many poor pups, kitties, and other animals.

And this fear can even be deadly; some animals get so frightened that they run away and end up accidentally hurting themselves.

Obviously, the well-being of our animals is more important than fireworks, but despite this, people are reluctantly to give up fireworks.

And to a point, that is understandable; most of us love fireworks and in an ideal world, we could have our cake and eat it.

That is, keep enjoying our fireworks but without traumatizing or harming animals while doing so.

And the good news is, we can!

Not everyone knows this, but silent fireworks is actually a thing that exists!

And now, Collecchio, an Italian town in the Parma District of Italy, has just become the first town in the world to completely switch to using only silent fireworks.

Whether it’s a private or official event, any fireworks that are set off must be of the quiet kind.

This is a wonderful step and an important statement, and more towns are sure to follow suit.

This is obviously wonderful news for all the animals and all the animal lovers out there.

Some day, loud fireworks will surely be a thing of the past, and no animal will have to suffer while we’re busy celebrating.

The town of Collecchio is making a real difference by taking such an effective and clear step towards minimizing animal distress.

By taking this step, they are showing the rest of the world that switching to silent fireworks is both valid and viable, and will no doubt make a difference in countless animals lives as more and more towns follow in their footsteps.

Animal lovers everywhere are absolutely thrilled by this initiative.