Irish Company Pays People For Cuddling With Cats All Day Long

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In this economy, landing a job can be pretty tough. And when you do get lucky enough to get a paying job, chances are, it won’t be in a field you’re interested in. Although getting a college degree is easier here in the United States, getting a job that you actually love doing might just be on the other side of the pond.

If you’re two cats away from being the neighborhood’s crazy cat lady, you may just want to move to Ireland.

Just Cats clinic in Dublin probably has the best job offer for any cat lover out there. They’ll pay you for helping homeless cats get the TLC they need.

But like many other job opportunities, Just Cats clinic has a few requirements for aspiring cat cuddlers

Lots of time will be spent petting and stroking cats, so you need to have gentle hands.

Some cats need help calming down, so you need to be soft spoken.

Communications is a two way street, so if you have an ability to understand the different purrs of each cat, you’ll have a significant advantage over other applicants

So if you’re tired of dragging yourself out of bed every morning for a job you don’t even like, take a few pictures with your cats and send in your resume and cover letter to the clinic here. You’ll never know, you just might land the dream job every cat lover longs for.