Interactive dancing traffic light entertains pedestrians waiting for the green light. Brilliant!

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Traffic lights are boring, they’ve always been. You just have to stand there while waiting for the green light, and there isn’t a way to make the wait a little funnier. For this reason people often cross the street even with the red light, sometimes taking risks or causing an accident.

The car manufacturer Smart (yes, the people behind the tiny Smart car), came up with an original idea, part of their #WhatAreYouFor campaign, focused on Smart’s dedication to safety:

This summer they placed at an intersection in Lisbon an interactive dancing street light to entertain pedestrians. The feedback has been impressive, with 81% more people stopping and waiting for the green light, while trying out some dance moves.

The funniest part is that the traffic light’s movements were real-time projection people dancing in a nearby “dancing booth”.

Take a look at the video below, wouldn’t you love to have a traffic light like this in your city?


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