Insane bike downhill on the ridge of a canyon will give you vertigo

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We aren’t showing you something creative this time, as we are posting a sport video that gave us shivers down the spine.
11th to 13th October took place in Utah the famous bike downhill race Red Bull Rampage, with talented riders biking insanely fast on the ridge of a canyon.
Kelly McGarry is the athlete featured in this video. He took the 2nd place, but the video of his performance with a 72 ft long flip is going viral all over the web. This video is so intense, you can eve hear Kelly’s breath stop while he faces the most challenging parts of the track.
We’ve watched it with our eyes wide open, amazed by what we were seeing, and we think you might like this as much as we did.

If you are curious and want to know more about the competition, take a look here.

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rampage-1 rampage-2