Ingenious Bed Lets Cats Play In A Labyrinth While Their Humans Sleep

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The Colombian site CatLife has come out with an ingeniously designed bed called “cama gatrimonial” – that is, the catrimonial bed – and we are obsessed with it.

The incredibly creative bed is every cat-lovers dream, as it is designed with both humans and felines in mind.

The bed, which at first simply looks like a simple wood frame that’s been decorated with a few artistic cutouts, actually contains a labyrinth designed specifically for cats.

The bed’s internal labyrinth can be accessed through several different openings in the frame.


It provides cats with a fun and relaxing space of their own where they can play or just hang out.


And they always have a safe space to turn to if they ever feel overwhelmed.


The sleek-looking frame looks great in any bedroom.


And it lets pet-parents sleep soundly while their kitties explore the labyrinth.


Finally, a bed that both kitties and their humans will love! Check out more of CatLife’s brilliant designs on Instagram.

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