Incredible 360 degree aerial photography by Andrew Griffiths

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Let’s face it, innovating in the field of arts is a really difficult task to accomplish nowadays. With all the technology available for everyone we are living in an extremely creative era, but at the same time it seems that everything has already been made and we can never see something new.

Today we feature Andrew Griffiths, an Australian photographer specialized in aerial photography and 360 degree panoramas. Until you keep these two things separate there’s probably nothing striking about them, but what’s special about Andrew’s photography is that he is specialized in creating 360 degree panoramas taking pictures from a helicopter, producing some impressing 360° aerial photos.

We’ve been captivated by his work, and we’d love to share his beautiful photos with you.

Be sure to check out his website to see the other galleries of his portfolio.

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Edit: if you are viewing the photos with a compass-enabled device (iPad, iPhone…) you can control them just by holding your device in your hands and turning it around. The photo will move in the direction you are turning to (thanks to Frissone for telling us).

Click on the images to open the 360 degree picture in a new window.

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