Illustrator Creates Tongue-In-Cheek Food Puns And They’re Too Good Not To Make You Smile

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Puns are one of the things in language that make it fun and humorous, more so if it’s a really bad one. There’s something particularly amusing about a really bad pun, it’s just so funny how it’s not funny. This is what Teo Zirinis, an illustrator, incorporated into his art by doing a one-pun-a-day challenge and posting his works on Instagram. According to Zirinis, “I challenged myself to come up with one silly food pun each day”, and it turned out to be too cute to ignore. Check them out and the rest of his works over on Instagram.
(h/t: borepanda)

1. Napricot

2. Smartichoke

3. Ommmnion

4. Brrroccoli

5. Rapsberry

6. Carrrrot

7. Poponut

8. Waitermelon

9. Promegrenate

10. Boonana