Hypnotic 3 minute long domino trick that will completely blow your mind

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Today’s post is a bit unusual for Just Something, but believe us it is completely worth it. We’ve never been interested in domino, until we found this video.

Domino specialists Millionendollarboy and Hevesh5 spent over 3 months creating this unbelievable domino trick, where you will watch 25,000 dominoes fall one after another.

We have to specify that every single clip is shot separately and subsequently edited together. This kind of domino video is commonly called screenlink.

As Hevesh5 says, the first part of the video are his clips, and at 1 minute and 35 seconds from the beginning of the video Millionendollarboy’s clips start. The amazing thing is that Hevesh5 is based in the USA, while Millionendollarboy is based in Germany.

We’ve found this video really captivating and in a sense even relaxing.

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