Husband Asks Cracker Barrel Why His Wife Was Fired After 11 Years Of Work, And Things Got Hilariously Out Of Hand

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Cracker Barrel, an American restaurant chain, recently fired a woman who has served the company for 11 years. On an even sadder note, the hardworking woman was fired, without a valid reason, on her husband’s birthday. Husband, Bradley Reid Byrd, out of frustration, posted the question “why did you fire my wife?” on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Since then, people began sympathizing with Byrd and the issue sparked a wild fire that gave birth to the hashtag #JusticeForBradsWife. Despite this internet rage, Cracker Barrel still hasn’t given any response. Scroll on to read the rest of the story below.
(h/t: borepanda)

1. It all began with Byrd’s post on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page.

2. Since then, sympathy for Brad’s wife started poppin’ out of nowhere.

3. The internet’s support system has grown from sincere questions posted on the page to hilarious trolling on the page’s comment sections.

4. Then, even more trolling flooded every single post.

5. After all the internet’s concern for Brad’s wife, Cracker Barrel seemed to purposely ignore each plea.

6. And it only made things worse…

7. She was fired on Bradley’s birthday.

8. As the internet continues on with the rage, the restaurant is being adversely affected.

9. Cracker Barrel better come up with some good answer soon.