Meet Hulk, the world’s biggest pitbull. He’s 173 lbs, and still growing! WOW!

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The amazing dog you see here is only 17-months-old and is probably the world’s biggest pitbull. He weighs 173 lbs (78 kg) and his name is – guess what – Hulk!
He is nice and quiet when he is at home with his family, he loves to spend time with kids and play with them, but the most incredible thing is that since Hulk is so young, he hasn’t stopped growing yet!

Hulk is a trained professional guard dog, and as his owners Marlon and Lisa Grennan explain, he is totally faithful and would protect his family with his own life. Despite his huge size, they totally trust him with their 3-year-old son, who sometimes even rides Hulk like a horse.

This is the definitive proof that pitbull are extremely faithful and loving animals when they are allowed grow up with the right people.

To know more about this incredible dog, take a look at Dark Dinasty K9s’ website and Facebook page.

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