Huge Sea Lion Enters A Fish Market And Asks For A Snack

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There are only a handful of animals who have large brains relative to their size, and elephants, dolphins, whales, walruses, seals, and sea lions are some of them.

Animals with larger-sized brains can think logically, which is why sea lions are considered to be one of the world’s most intelligent creatures. So, it’s not surprising to see this clever sea lion using his charm to make sure he is full.

When he saw a busy fish market onshore, this South American sea lion wandered through the crowd and stopped behind a man sorting through the freshly-caught fish. The sea lion was probably hungry, but he waited patiently until the man handed him some fresh fish.

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The sea lion continued to sit there and behave himself, waiting for the man to give him more food. Check out photos and videos of the adorable sea lion below.

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Watch the video below

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