How much time have you wasted on Facebook? Find it out with this app

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Today Facebook turns 10, and to celebrate this event the site Time published on his Tech page a nice web app that is able to roughly estimate the amount of time you’ve spent on the popular social network since you’ve joined.

To try the app you just have to visit this site: Facebook Time Calculator, and follow the instructions.

I’ve personally tried the app and I’m quite impressed by the amount of time I’ve spent on the site since 2008 (24 days)! Facebook doesn’t officially publicize the logs for every user, so keep in mind that the results are, as we said before, just an estimate.

Nevertheless we’ve found it interesting to realize how much time we spend on social networks while we could be doing something more interesting not in front of our computer…

What about you? How much time have you wasted on Facebook since you joined? Share your result in the comments!

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The main screen of the web app:


Just connect it with Facebook:


Tell the app how much time you daily spend on Facebook:


After a short calculation, here’s the result: