What celebrities would look like if they were ordinary people

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We always see celebrities on glossy magazine covers or in blockbuster movies with millionaire budgets. From time to time happens to see some picture of celebrities walking on the streets without makeup, and we get upset by how they appear in their private life.
Artist Danny Evans went further, and created a series of photos of celebrities photoshopped as if they were ordinary people. It ‘s funny to see Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise could appear as average joes, or Jennifer Lopez in the shoes of an common employee.
“It was a reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere” says the artist. The series started back in 2006: reacting to a crazy over-exposure of Paris Hilton, Danny photoshopped some images by putting her face on random pictures.
Take a look at the Facebook page of the project: Planet Hiltron.

Jennifer Lopez


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian


Jennifer Aniston


Miley Cyrus


Sarah Jessica Parker


David Beckham and Victoria Adams




Johnny Depp



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  1. by ordinary do you mean fat? i dont understand why the faces are all photoshopped onto fat and trashy individuals that are referred to as “ordinary.”

    • Hi Rusty, first of all I don’t think anybody should feel offended, as this is just an ironic article. Since the irony is in the contrast, I think that the Photoshop artist who did these just wanted to exaggerate the difference between the perfection of the Hollywood stars and a “possible” average Joe.

    • Rusty, I thought the same thing when I saw this. It’s sad that we think of the ordinary person as “fat”. An ordinary person could be a size 8-12….doesn’t need to be a 24+. And I think Angelina would look gorgeous at any size.

    • Totally agree! My first thought was – why fat and out of style. Most people I see have some kind of style… These are not “ordinary”…

  2. Very very bad idea. the idea of ordinary people in your mind is very distorted. Too be honest with you, the people who are smoking tobacco and weed and wasting their health with drinking too much of alcohol are not normal people. They are sick. To be healthy and normal human beings it needs to do exercise and eat healthy. All animals work their way and remains fit. Celebrities also work very hard to remain healthy.

  3. Why so kind to jay z and Beyoncé? All others have been morphed hideously to some degree, whilst jz& B have only been made to look nerdy?

  4. I think they are over-exadgerating. They wouldn’t look that bad. Most people I know don’t look that bad. They are making the worst out of what they could look like. They wouldn’t for sure be over-weighted if they weren’t celebrities. The Madonna one was way over-exadgerated.

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