There are many ways you can build a house, but what they did with 31 shipping containers is beyond words!

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If you think this is just a “normal” luxury house, take a closer look. This spacious and amazing mansion is located in Graceville, Australia, and was built from 31 shipping containers.
The mind behind this very particular building is Todd Miller of the architecture firm ZeligerBuild.

What we think is particularly great about this house is that the architect was able to balance the cold shipping containers with the warm woods that decorate the interiors of the building. The ambient is at the same time modern and warm, with the graffiti adorning various walls of the house creating a nice contrast with the luxury finishings of the furniture.

This original house also features a beautiful outdoor saltwater pool, that you can also see in the following pictures. I would have never thought that living in a shipping container could be that cool…

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