High speed photographs of dogs shaking off water

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Carli Davidson is a Portland based photographer specialized in portraying animals. She is mostly known for her series Shake, published in 2011.

This funny series featuring dogs shaking water off their heads suddenly became a worldwide success, garnering Carli millions of website visits and boosting her career towards success.

This month Shake was finally published as a book, available on Amazon. Below you can see a little preview of the book, including a funny video teaser.

If you’d like to see more of Carli’s amazing work, take a look at her website here.

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shake-1 shake-2
shake-3 shake-4
shake-5 shake-6
shake-7 shake-8
shake-9 shake-10
shake-11 shake-12
shake-13 shake-14 shake-15
shake-16 shake-17 shake-18


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