This looks like a normal café, but you’ll never guess what’s hidden behind that Coke vending machine

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If during a trip to Shanghai you stumbled upon the sandwich shop The Press, you’d probably think that, apart form its nice and modern look, it’s just a normal café.

Life taught us to never judge things by their appearance, and in fact also in this case at a closer look things are not exactly how they appear.

The vintage Coke vending machine you see in the first photo below is actually a secret door to Flask an upscale, trendy cocktail bar.

Flask has been designed by architect Alberto Caiola, who managed to fuse modern and vintage elements, creating a darkish beautiful atmosphere in total contrast with the sandwich shop outside.

We love how this “secret passage” brings you into a whole different dimension.
Next time we are in Shanghai we’ll certainly take some time to spend at Flask.


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This is The Press, a nice sandwich shop located in Shanghai. See that vintage Coke vending machine in the corner?


Well, it’s not properly a Coke vending machine. Just open it and you’ll have the opportunity to enter in a whole different dimension.


Hidden behind that door there’s an upscale, trendy cocktail bar.


Designed by architect Alberto Caiola, this bar is called Flask.


Here are some pictures of the place.







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