Traumatized Rescue Dog Can’t Believe He’s Finally Safe And Sleeps With His Food Bowl Every Night

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Little Neville is obsessed with his food bowl; he brings it with him wherever he goes and sleeps with it in his bed every night.

At first glance, it seems cute that the little pup has chosen a food bowl as his “security blanket”, but sadly, the cause of Neville’s obsession is deeply upsetting.

The little pup may be living in safety and comfort now, but that’s not always been the case.


For a long time, Neville was living as a stray and never knew when he would get to eat next.

He had to fight for every scrap and had to starve when he couldn’t get a hold of enough food.

But eventually, Neville was rescued from the streets, and when a woman named Susanne saw his picture on a rescue shelter webpage, she knew she had to adopt him.


Susanne already had a rescue pup, but something about Neville told her that she had no choice but to make him part of her family.

Susanne queued outside the rescue centre for three long hours just to make sure that she would be the first person to ask to adopt Neville.

That’s how strongly she felt about the little pup who she hadn’t even met yet.


Susanne was allowed to adopt Neville, and she happily brought the little pup home with here.

There, she began noticing the effects Neville’s difficult life had had on his mental state; he refused to eat out of his own bowl, and instead chose to eat off the floor. He also tried fighting Susanne’s other pup for his food.

On the streets, Neville had clearly had to fight for every piece of food, and it was difficult for him to realize that he no longer had to fear going hungry.

But Susanne did her best to show Neville that he was finally safe and loved and that he’d never have to go without food ever again.

It took several months, but after a while, Neville began eating out of his own bowl. At this point, Neville developed his obsession with the bowl.

It became his most precious possession, and now, two years after being adopted by Susanne, he still brings it with him wherever he goes.

After all those times he’s had to starve or fight for his food, the safety of having his own food bowl must feel like heaven.


As heartbreaking as Neville’s story is, it’s also heartwarming to know that he’s finally found a family who loves him and that he’s able to find comfort and solace in something as simple as a food bowl.

Neville is in fantastic hands and with Susanne’s help, he’ll no doubt keep growing his confidence and sense of security.

Neville’s story has left many people deeply affected.