Heartbroken Dog Waits On The Porch For Weeks After His Family Moved Away And Left Him Behind

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There are few things that seem so unfair as when a pup ends up with irresponsible, selfish pet owners. Dogs love their families unconditionally and with every fibre of their being, and it is heartbreaking when people return their love with selfishness and callousness.

This beautiful pup, named Cupid, got his heart broken when his family decided to move house and abandon him.

Speranza Animal Rescue

One dreadful day, Cupids family packed up their things and left without giving the wellbeing of their sweet pup a second thought.

They drove off, wilfully ignoring the heartbreak and confusion Cupid was suffering, and ignoring the hardships life as a stray would mean for him.

After watching his family leave, Cupid refused to believe that they had abandoned him. He was sure that the people he loved with all his heart would come back for him. How could they not?

So, faithfully, he lay down on the porch and waited.

Speranza Animal Rescue

Cupid spent weeks sleeping on the porch and hopelessly scratching on the front door.  To feed himself, he rummaged through the garbage.

Eventually, neighbours called up Janine Guido, of Speranza Animal Rescue, and told her that a dog had been sleeping on his old porch ever since his family moved away and left him.

Guido set out to bring Cupid to safety and came to see him.

Speranza Animal Rescue

Cupid was scared and would not let Guido come close to him. Even though she gave him some food, he refused to trust her.

That is until Guido explained to him that everything was going to be okay. “It sounds dumb but I swear he knew what I was saying to him,” Guido told the Dodo, and said that after reassuring Cupid that everything was going to be alright, he let her put a leash on him.

Now, Cupid is adjusting to his new reality. He’s still confused and hurt about the loss of his family, but he’s bravely approaching his new life with a positive attitude and has been a joy to everyone around him.

Speranza Animal Rescue

Soon, he’ll be ready to start looking for a forever family.

Though it is sad to think about the fact that some people would abandon their own pup, it’s uplifting to think about all the wonderful people, like Guido, who are working hard to make sure that these mistreated animals get the love and care they truly deserve.

Once Cupid finds his forever family, he’ll finally have a family who is deserving of his love and is both able and willing to return that love.

Things are looking up for Cupid and we’re sure that his happiest years are yet to come.