Heartbroken Dog Was Abandoned At The Shelter With His Bed And All His Toys

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Wall-E was one of those dogs who were promised a forever home, but unfortunately it didn’t take long for that promise to be broken. In 2015, Wall-E was taken out of the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC), and he thought a forever family was finally going to keep him. For a few years, he’s been living his dream of having a true home, little did he know, he was going to end up in the same shelter again.
Just last September, Wall-E was brought back to MCACC along with 2 plastic bags filled with all his belongings. His parent teared up while bidding him goodbye and that left Wall-E with a broken heart. Apparently, his parents no longer had time for him after some changes in their life. Wall-E had a hard time coping up with the shelter life.
The staff knew Wall-E was an affectionate and playful dog, however, he displayed a defensive behavior when inside his kennel. Because of this, he was passed up by potential parents. When they could no longer take all rejections, the staff took it to Facebook by posting Wall-E’s photo along with his heartbreaking story. The post performed more than expected, and it didn’t take long for Wall-E to meet his new mom, Lynn Lee, who went to the shelter to meet him as soon as she saw the picture. Wall-E now has a new family with a sibling dog, and it looks his happy ever after is just about to begin. Scroll down to read Wall-E’s full story below.
(h/t: thedodo)

This is Wall-E, the poor dog who got returned to the shelter when his parents no longer had time for him.

Just this September, his parents brought him back to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC), where they adopted him a few years ago, leaving with him his bed and all his toys.

The heart-broken dog clearly didn’t understand why he had to be abandoned again. His defensive behavior showed how hard it was for him to move on.  As a result, he would always miss opportunities for adoption, and it was clear that he was never happy being stuck in his kennel.

The staff knew Wall-E was a playful and affectionate dog, and they knew they had to try harder for him, so he could find his true and forever home.

They posted Wall-E’s photo, along with his heartbreaking story on Facebook, and soon they were able to reach out to more people interested in adopting him.

When Lynn Lee saw the Facebook post, she immediately went to the shelter to meet Wall-E, and took her own dog with her. The two dogs got along so well that Lynn decided to adopt him right away.

It’s never late to start again, and for Wall-E, a happy ever after awaits.