Heartbreaking Short Film Shows Things From A Different Perspective To Stop Dog Abandonment

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A campaign by 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation (30 Million Friends), French charity dedicated to animal protection, is seeking to touch our hearts about the real value of dogs in the life of people. The campaign’s heartbreaking short film, directed by Xavier Giannolli, shows us a different perspective on dealing with dog abandonment. The short film was made in response to the fact that around 60,000 animals are abandoned by their owners during each year the holidays. The film portrays a little girl’s journey with her dog up to the time she’s fully grown-up. The ending invokes us to truly cherish our dogs’ company, even through the ever changing seasons of life. The film expresses that a dog’s love is worth reciprocating, and never do they deserve to be abandoned when we seem to run out of our need for them. Watch the short film below and look out for the striking statement, “When a dog abandons his master, it’s not to go on holiday”, at the end of the video.