Guy Found A Terrified Stray Kitten Under A Truck, And He Just Knew He Had To Adopt Her

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A man saw four tiny white paws peeking out from under a truck, so he checked what was underneath, and what he saw made his heart skip a beat. A little kitty abandoned by her mom was standing there, petrified and helpless. The kitten was scared and lost, so just one thought crossed the man’s mind, he just had to help the little kitty.
The man is the husband of Reddit user justanothergoodguy, who posted about this sweet encounter on the popular social network. The cat, that they named Axel, now lives with them and feels absolutely safe at home.
Justanothergoodguy posted the details of this story online. Her husband sent a photo of the little kitten helplessly clinging to the tire and asked if he could bring her home with him. “Who could say no to that face? She was just hiding under the truck after the mama ran away. The mama is a stray who has been living in the office park for at least a couple of years” she told Love Meow. He coaxed the kitten out until she was comfortable enough to go with him. Then, he brought the kitten to the vet to get her checked. They found out that the kitten was just 4-5 weeks old.
The couple brought her home with them and adopted her for life.

This is how a 5-week old kitty was found, scared and helpless crouching on a tire underneath a truck.

Reddit user justanothergoodguy posted about how her husband found this poor little thing one day. Her husband sent her a photo of the kitten and asked if he could bring her home. “Who could say no to that face?” she told Love Meow.

After a bit of coaxing, the little kitty was immediately taken to the vet, got checked up and was given some shots, then she went home with her new family all clean and cozy.

The couple was pleased to welcome Axel, that’s how they named her, to their family and was even more pleased to see the new kitten got along with their other pets, a 19-year-old cat and a 2-year-old dog. “She’s a great addition to the house!” JustAnotherGoodGuy said.

Axel immediately felt at home and spends all day lounging on the sofa. Look at her, feeling so safe and loved at home.