Guy Checks A Single Can Of Beer After Airline Told Him He Couldn’t Board With It

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Millions of passengers are constantly annoyed by airlines’ policies, and the rules are getting more absurd and unreasonable. They overcharge tickets, overbook flights, and are often inconsiderate towards their passengers.

Sometimes, an act of defiance is necessary to shake up authorities because these actions show them that it’s unacceptable to mistreat their clients. That’s probably what this passenger had in mind when he created a scene at a Melbourne airport.

Just as the passenger was about to board his Qantas flight to Perth, he was informed at the gate that he wouldn’t be allowed to take his can of beer with him. He argued with the staff, but they insisted that the rule was part of their policy.

Much to the Qantas staff’s surprise, the passenger decided to check in his beer. The can went through the usual check-in process, along with the rest of the passengers’ baggage. Needless to say, his stunt was a silly yet impactful act that sent a message to airlines around the world.