Grandpa Takes His Little Dog To Furniture Store To Make Sure She Approves Of The New Chair Too

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If you have a small dog, chances are he loves to sit close to you on your favorite chair, never leaving your side, just like it happens to this grandpa and his dog named Coco.

They live together, and when the Grandpa is home, Coco never leaves his side, especially when he rests on his favorite chair.
In an interview with The Dodo, the man’s niece Aleecia Dahl said that her grandfather recently needed to buy a new chair, and since he wanted his dog to be comfortable too, he decided to bring Coco to several stores to find a chair that had a footrest large enough to accomodate them both.

The man actually made Coco participate in the decision process, making her test all the chairs that seemed to suit their needs, and the dog, who was greeted with a smile in every store, seemed to appreciate the attention everyone gave to her.

Aleecia Dahl

Luckily, in the end they managed to find what they were looking for, and bought a comfortable chair that could accomodate both of them for many years to come.

Aleecia Dahl

Years ago Grandpa didn’t even a dog, but now he just can’t live without his sweet pal Coco, and they now have a comfortable chair where they can sit and nap together.

Aleecia Dahl