Gorilla Reunites With Man Who Saved Him Years Ago. Its Reaction Is Just Unforgettable.

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Humans and animals have always had a special bond, but while we usually can say that about pets, it’s fairly unusual to see humans being friends with wild animals.

Damian Aspinall is an English businessman who saved Kwibi the gorilla years ago, and after raising it almost like a son, he released it back into the wild.
Damian recently decided to meet Kwibi again to see if he was doing well. Meeting an adult gorilla can be dangerous, and Damian didn’t even know if Kwibi would have recognized him after all this time.

Below you can see the video of their reunion. Be sure to keep a tissue handy.

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(h/t: Man reunites with gorilla he raised for 5 years by Em817 on Rumble)