Good Boy Strolls Into Police Station To “Report Himself Missing”

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This cheeky pup decided to saunter into the Odessa Police Department and solve a case for them.

The case? A missing dog. The dog? Himself.

The sweet pup wandered into the police station in Texas and hung out for a bit with the confused yet amused police officers.

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The pup seemed to be in no rush to solve his missing person case.

He was quite confident that he would get the job done eventually.

Instead, he spent some time socializing with the police force.

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The police quickly fell in love with their unexpected visitor but knew they had to try to figure out who he belonged to.

But before they could understand who he was, the pooch decided to leave the police station.

To the officer’s dismay, the pup disappeared and left them with all their questions unanswered.

Bewildered, they posted about their strange experience on Facebook.

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After the cunning pup left the police station he returned home and thus expertly solved the case of the missing dog.

To put the officers’ minds at ease, he made his family contact the police station to let them know that his name was Chico and that he had successfully solved his own disappearance.

The police were very glad to hear that Chico was safe, and we’re sure that they don’t mind that they were bested by such a cute and clever detective.