Golden Retriever Who Lost His Cat Best Friend Falls In Love With Tiny Kitten Who Was Rejected By Her Mom

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When Ponzu lost his best friend, Wasabi, he was heartbroken.

The sweet golden retriever mourned his kitty-brother and had a hard time working through his sadness.

But when another kitty needed his help, Ponzu found his inner strength and by allowing himself to love again, he was able to restore his happiness and transform the life of an orphaned kitten.


Ponzu has always loved cats, and because his dad, Takeshi Saitou, is prone to fostering rescue cats, Ponzu’s had a lot of experience looking after forlorn felines.

He’s always been there to help new arrivals feel safe and loved.


When little Ichimi joined the family, the kitten was still so young that she needed to be bottle-fed.

She had been rejected by her mother and been left without anyone to love her or care for her.


But when Ichimi arrived at the house and met Ponzu, all that changed.

Ponzu was immediately drawn to the helpless little kitten and even though Ponzu was still mourning the death of Wasabi, he knew that he had to give this little kitten all the love and care he could possibly muster.


Ichimi was so little that nobody was sure that she would even survive, but Ponzu was determined to do everything he could to keep the little kitten healthy and alive.


He cuddled her, cleaned her, and kept careful watch over her – all while also continuing to care for the other kittens who were living at the house.

He knew that Ichimi needed all the love she could get if she was to survive.


Little Ichimi proved to be a fighter and under Ponzu and Saitou’s loving care, the little girl was soon big and strong enough to play with the other cats and kittens.

Ponzu was so proud of his little girl and it was evident that he loved the sweet kitten with all his heart.


And the feeling was mutual.

It was clear that Ponzu was Imchis favourite person in the entire world. She always wanted to be around Ponzu, play with him, and cuddle with him.

The two had developed a deep and unbreakable bond.


Even after Ichimi grew out of kitty-hood and became an adult cat, her love for Ponzu, and Ponzu’s love for her, was as strong as ever.

Today, they’re still living happily together and they are now sharing the responsibility of welcoming and caring for new arrivals to the home.


Ponzu and Ichimi have helped each other through some rough times, and prove that love is the best medicine for sorrow.

They are so happy together and are sharing that love with all the other animals who come through the house.

And through the internet, their beautiful bond has even spread joy far beyond their home!