Girl Unsolicitedly Rejects A Guy After Their First Date, And Things Hilariously Backfire On her

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I can assume we’ve all been rejected at a point in our life. Most people just shake it off and move on, but this is not the case for everyone, and for sure it’s not the case for this girl, who unsolicitedly rejected a guy after a first date, but didn’t expect the feeling was mutual.
Here is their conversation, found on Imgur. Things escalated quickly.

The day after their first date, this guy wrote a message to the girl. Pretty standard procedure for an educated person. But something didn’t go as expected

The girl is a bit surprised that the guy had the same idea about not following up with another date

And we can tell she didn’t take it too well

Things escalated very quickly

… And got really personal.

It’s fair to say they weren’t meant for each other after all…