Girl Confesses Her Love To A Barista, And Customer Secretly Live Tweets The Whole Conversation

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It was late evening at a café in Brooklyn, New York, when Twitter user @notjerryclayton overheard a conversation between two baristas behind the counter. The first few words he heard were about this girl barista professing the feelings she’s hidden for 6 months to this guy barista on duty that night. He knew right then and there he was witnessing a once in a lifetime romantic opportunity, so began tweeting it real time. Just when you think romantic stories like these only happen in movies, you are proven wrong by this true to life encounter. Love is definitely alive, and this story is the living proof, so read on!
(h/t: earthables)

1. It all started with Twitter user @notjerryclayton overhearing a conversation between two baristas.

2. It was late at night in this bar in Brooklyn, NY, and Jerry kept everyone glued to their phones waiting for updates

3. Jerry is completely into the plot

4. But he was there for the coffee, after all

5.  Time passes and the guy still didn’t come back

6. And then, just like a movie…

7. Such an emotional moment to witness, and people on Twitter got tied to the story too, as you can see from the number of retweets and likes





12. And in the end, Jerry even got a free muffin!

13. We can’t help but quote Jerry, “Love is out there, be like café girl and find it!”